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RMI Services

Community Accessibility Services - Support the abilities and skills necessary to enable the individual to access the community and/or provide the basis for building skills that will assist the individual to access the community. Services include socialization, adaptive skills, personnel to accompany and support the individual in all types of community settings, supplies and providing the necessary resources for participation in activities and functions in the community.

Mentorship -Services provided by peers to promote self-advocacy and encourage community living among members by instructing and advising on issues and topics related to community living, describing real-world experiences as example and modeling successful community living and problem-solving.

Respite Care - Respite Care means services provided to an eligible member who is unable to care for himself/herself on a short term basis because of the absence or the need for relief of those persons normally providing care. Respite Care is provided in the member's residence and may be provided by different levels of providers depending upon the needs of the member. Skilled versus unskilled care are dependent upon the needs of the member and the physician's order. Skilled Respite care must be provided by an RN, LPN or CNA.

 Transportation Services - Transportation in order to enable individuals served on the waiver to gain access to waiver day program services and activities, specified by the plan of care.

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